Easter Baskets For Olive Crest – We Rocked It!


We are super happy with the outcome of our Easter Basket project for Olive Crest! While we were only able to prep 6 baskets total (3 teen boys/3 teen girls) they were filled with all sorts of goodies!       Thank you to all who helped make this project happen….next year let’s up the goal! If you are in So Cal and interested in joining us for future projects, connect with us on Facebook. Make sure you hit the “LIKE” {Read More}

There Is Still Time To Donate Items For Our Easter Project!

easter baskets

Easter baskets for the teens at Olive Crest  are ready – now we just need to fill them! We posted a list of needed items a couple weeks ago here. The donation deadline is this Friday, March 11, 2014. (We need time to put the baskets together and drop off.) Want to help with our current project? SWEET! Donations can be dropped off at: Riverside Personnel Services, Inc Attn: Catina Mount 3590 Central Ave, Suite 200 Riverside, CA 92506 Forever {Read More}

Soul Satisfied Sunday: Finding Hope


Sometimes finding hope is just a matter of reflecting on where you are and where you want to be. If you feel unsatisfied it’s time to take a look back. Ask yourself: What got me here? What decisions did I make that planted me in this very spot? Is this some type of mistake? Did the “man upstairs” screw up? Chances are, the answer is no. You are exactly where you are supposed to be, struggles and all. Looking at this {Read More}

Anchored Hope: Our First Team Project For 2014

Olive Crest

Well, it has taken some time to get things shifted from “Catina’s Causes” to “Anchored Hope”. With that being said – the needs in our communities don’t stop so this place will just have to be “Under Construction” while we are moving along. First project of 2014: Easter baskets for children at Olive Crest, a local nonprofit that has transformed the lives of over 60,000 abused, neglected, and at-risk children and their families since 1973!     We chose the teenage {Read More}

New Logo – Round 1!


Although our new logo is still under construction, we thought it would be fun to give you a teeny-tiny peek of round #1: For those of you just tuning in, “Catina’s Causes” will soon become “Anchored Hope”. This will be a space of inspiration for all things “social good”. We have quite a few projects on the menu and hope you’ll consider joining us! Until next time… Peace, Love & Crazy-Insane HOPE!        

I Can Admit When I Am Wrong! (The proof is in this post!)


  Yeah, yeah, yeah. I got over-anxious with my desire to launch anchoredhope.org. 23 days was not enough time. With the holidays, work and the “Flu Gods” deciding to drop a bomb on my household this past week, we are WAY behind schedule.  There are logo’s to be created, website tweaks to be made and our plan for the year to craft. There are fun positions to recruit for (“Brand-Badassador” anyone?), social media channels to establish and at some point….breathing. So, we’ll {Read More}

Eat & Be Well 2013: We Fed THOUSANDS!

Can Opening Party!

Eat & Be Well wrapped up on November 27th and I must say…what an amazing adventure! We partnered with many, sorted donations, opened hundreds of cans and served thousands. The photos really speak for themselves…     There are so many more photos to enjoy- head over to Eat & Be Well on Facebook to see how it all came together! I really did not know what to expect, the task of feeding thousands really seemed impossible. We were in {Read More}

Eat And Be Well Donations From SLO And SVL!

28 Boxes Of  "Stuffing From SLO"

I have two very important relationships in my life and they both just happened to be a “Mary”…even funnier, they are both pretty far from me. “My Mary’s” were more than ready to help out with Eat & Be Well, despite our geographical challenges and boy did that make me happy! “Aunt Mary from SLO” (San Luis Obispo) sent in a donation that covered 28 boxes of stuffing! At 6 servings per box this donation fills 168 plates! My good {Read More}

Eat & Be Well Gets The “Stove Top Stuffing” Hook Up!

39 Boxes Of Stove Top Stuffing!

  I have almost 40 years of friendship invested in two really amazing people – well, when you combine the length of time I have been privledged enough to call each of them “my friend”. So, it is no surprise to me that when I say “Hey, I am going to run around like a crazy woman with coupons in one hand and non-profit causes in the other…what do you think?” They both say “Awesome! Let me know what you need!” {Read More}

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