Swag WHAT?

SwagBucks is my all time favorite way to earn Amazon gift cards.  There are many options for spending your bucks like electronics (iPods!), apparel, Starbucks cards, etc…but I “heart” Amazon so every time I hit 450 points, I cash out for a $5- Amazon gift card! Last year I earned $80- in Amazon gift cards in about 4 months that I used towards my Christmas budget…just for searching the internet!

FREE Money, I’m in! What do I do now?

Just visit Swagbucks and fill out your info. You will earn bonus points just for signing up!

I Signed Up, How Do I Earn My SwagBucks?

Here are my top tips for earning everyday:

  1. Install the SwagBucks toolbar. This will earn you a free point once per day just for simply opening the internet!
  2. Participate in the “Daily Poll”.
  3. View the “NOSO” (No Obligation Special Offers) everyday. Simply select “Skip” or “See Next Offer” for those that don’t excite you. :)
  4. Use the SwagBucks search bar to find your internet destination.  Every search is a chance to win SwagBucks! Even your daily task of checking email gets you closer to winning.  For example, type “Yahoo Mail” in the search bar instead of going straight to Yahoo! I recommend using the search bar every chance you have!
  5. Participate in surveys, tasks, get your entertainment fix on SwagBucks TV…the opportunities to earn are endless but completely worth it. SwagBucks is the only site I know of that allows you to earn money just for simply searching the internet!

What are you waiting for…go get your SwagBucks!

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